Travel Insurance for Canadian Expatriates

Planning a long stay outside Canada? Planning to work or live abroad? No longer eligible for provincial health insurance? Expatriate insurance could be for you.

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Options de montant de protection et de franchise disponible

Weekly rates

Paiement mensuel possible

Minimum coverage of 12 consecutive weeks

Soins hospitaliers et médicaux d’urgence

Emergency hospital and medical coverage

Who should consider travel insurance for Canadian expatriates?

Canadian expatriate coverage is specially designed for Canadians living abroad. Have you ever left Canada? Are you a Canadian tourist, worker or volunteer abroad? Are you eligible or ineligible for provincial health insurance coverage (e.g. RAMQ)? Canadian expatriate coverage is the right option for you.

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What is covered by Travel Insurance for Canadian Expatriates?

A medical consultation or a short hospital stay can result in very high medical costs. It's important to take out insurance to ensure your peace of mind in the event of illness or accident. Canadian expatriate plans will cover you for medical emergencies outside Canada.

Some plans offer options that include a stay in the United States. What's more, it's usually possible to extend the plan when you return to Canada permanently.

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Soins hospitaliers et médicaux d’urgence

Emergency hospital and medical care

Transport médical d’urgence

Ambulance transportation

Certains services de professionnels de la santé

Certain health professional services

In-home nursing care

Soins dentaires et médicaux d’urgence

Emergency dental care

Maternity benefits (under certain conditions)

Emergency humanitarian transport

Assistance en cas d’urgence 24/7

24/7 assistance

Emergency coverage in the U.S.

Retour d’urgence au domicile et rapatriement


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Frequently asked questions

We've put together some frequently asked questions. Can't find the answer to your question? Don't hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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Can I be covered for pre-existing health conditions?

Yes, in most cases. Each insurer has its own specific conditions and definition of “pre-existing conditions”, as well as different exclusions. These generally relate to the insured’s general state of health and age. If you are taking medication or have a particular health situation, we recommend that you contact our accredited team, who will be able to assist you according to your situation.

I’ve returned to Canada and I’m waiting for coverage from the provincial health insurance plan (RAMQ). Can I extend my current coverage?

Yes, upon your permanent return to Canada, some insurers offer to maintain coverage for up to 90 days, provided the insured has been covered for more than 52 weeks. More specific conditions may apply depending on the policy of certain insurers. Please contact our team for further information.

I’m not in Canada right now, can I get expatriate coverage?

Yes, you can make the purchase even if you’re outside Canada, and even if you’re no longer covered by your provincial health insurance plan. There are no additional fees, even if you make the purchase after your departure.

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