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Visitors to Canada insurance plans

Visitors to Canada

Ideal for:

  • Visitors to Canada
  • Landed immigrants waiting for their Government Health Insurance Plan
  • Returning Canadians waiting for their Government Health Insurance Plan
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International students

Ideal for international students to Canada without any government health care coverage who:

  • Are enrolled full-time in an accredited Canadian school, college, university or other educational institution
  • Are temporary residents in Canada and are not eligible for the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ)
  • Have completed their studies and decide to stay in Canada for a year to work in the field for which they have studied
  • Also wish to insure their spouse and dependent children living under their roof
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Super Visa

Super Visa insurance allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit their family in Canada for a period of two years without having to renew their status. One of the pre-requisites is to have private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company for at least one year and for a minimum of $100,000 of coverage. We offer the best rates, fast and courteous service for Super Visa insurance plans.

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Inpatriates to Canada

A comprehensive plan offering, in addition to our Visitors to Canada plan, coverage for maternity, newborn care, immunizations, a physical exam and an eye exam.

Ideal for:

  • Tourists staying in Canada with a work permit
  • Foreign expatriates living in Canada
  • Individuals who have applied for a Super Visa and wish to obtain coverage beyond emergency care
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Out of province travel & expatriate plans

Canadians Expatriates

Ideal for people who work and live abroad for a long period of time and who need to notify the RAMQ to cancel their Quebec health insurance.

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Recreational Travel for Canadians

  • You are somewhere else in Canada and you need a doctor, but they won't take your provincial coverage card
  • To cover the cost of a hospitalization in the United States, which can cost from $10,000 to $100,000 US, and even more
  • For the return of a vehicle in the event of incapacity following an emergency medical intervention
  • For repatriation by air to your place of residence
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Snowbirds travel for Canadians

These plans offered to retirees are known by Snowbirds for their competitive premiums, tailored coverage, and personalized approach.

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Business Travel for Canadians

These plans were developed specifically for business travellers. Discover customised and personalized coverages.

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Planning a trip to Canada? A loved one is coming to visit you in Canada? Are you a new immigrant waiting for your RAMQ* card? In either case, this visit should be pleasant and safe. However, since anything can happen, such as an injury or sudden illness, it is important that you are well insured. Get medical insurance for visitors to Canada and know that you are protected with our medical insurance plans.

We offer insurance services

Are you planning a trip to Canada? Maybe someone special is coming to Canada to visit you? You are a new immigrant and you are on your waiting period until you obtain your provincial medical card? Either way, it should be a safe and enjoyable visit or new beginning. But since anything can happen, such as an unexpected illness or injury, make sure you\'ve got the proper coverage. Talk to us today about travel insurance. For new immigrants, people visiting family or friends and tourists exploring Canada, our Medical insurance for Visitors to Canada product provides the perfect coverage.

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