We often receive calls from customers who ask for information about visitor insurance.
For some it is the price that is the most important, for others the benefits that are offered with each plan, while some prefer a known insurance company.
Many customers choose to “shop around” and sometimes opt for the cheapest option without going through the plan benefits, exclusions and restrictions.

As a travel insurance broker, our role is not only to sell visitor insurance coverage, but also to better understand the specific needs of each client and to propose a plan that will cover any existing medical conditions, sufficient coverage for the duration of stay in Canada and at most times at a competitive price.

To offer such service, we have partnered with many insurance companies that offer visitors insurance plans that offer different coverages from one another. For example, does the visitor suffer from heart disease? If so, his condition will be excluded from coverage with many plans.
Is the person over 80 and has a pre-existing condition? Is the person 90 years old or over? Most plans only offer coverage for people who are 89 years old and under.

All these details are relevant to allow us to offer the best option at the best rate. We offer the best prices in Quebec for super visa insurance ($ 100,000 protection for one year) with different scale levels of deductibles. (Note that all our super visa insurance plans are fully refundable if immigration visa has been denied and in most cases partial refunds are offered if client spends less than the full year in Canada).

Feel free to contact us and provide us with your love one trip information, their medical history, and the type of visa you are applying for and we will gladly try to find you the best plan for your needs.

Dror Amar
VP Sales & Marketing